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Welcome to the VHS

VHS Dortmund was founded in 1913 and is one of the eldest Volkshochschule (Adult Education Center) of our country)! The college has developed into a municipal Further and Adult Education Center of the City of Dortmund.

VHS Dortmund with nearly 100 years of tradition has committed itself for the general weal of the public. The fundamentals of our educational works are in accordance with the Further Education Law of North-Rhine-Westphalia to provide ideological neutrality and political independence, tolerance and openness as well as free entrance for everybody in the region.

VHS Dortmund - motivates with a demand orientated program - which serves social contracts as well as meeting individual requirements to life-long learning. Our main objectives are to promote self-development, to upgrade competences and adjust qualification deficiencies.

VHS Dortmund as part of the Municipal Cultural Department Dortmund employs just under 50 full-time staff as well as 800 extra official instructors and lecturers. In 2007 a number of 35.000 attendees registered for the following sectors:

  • Job and Occupation
  • Politics and Society
  • Languages and (cross) cultural competences
  • Environment and Health
  • Educational Science and Psychology
  • Domestic Science and Consumer Education
  • Elementary Education and School Leaving Certificates
  • Human Resources Development for Companies

Providing extensive educational counselling service to support prospects with their selection. To give guidance in the choice of offers - Seminars from Beginners to Experts - for life- and career situations.

VHS Dortmund works in accordance with the European Quality Standard EFQM.

As a learning organisation the college takes great measures to maintain a high standard in order to achieve costumer satisfaction, staff orientation, social responsibility and entrepreneurial success. Thereby, helping to ensure the quality and service provided, a permanent update and continuous development of existing educational programs, as well as developments for new innovative educational, projects take top priority.